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who is ....

Hartmut Bielefeldt

Who I am

  • Name: Dr. Hartmut Bielefeldt
  • Birth date: 1965
  • Profession: Physicist
  • Home: 88699 Frickingen-Leustetten, Germany (if not in the mountains)

Where to find us

Claudia Bäumler, Hartmut Bielefeldt, and Nina Bielefeldt
Galleyenstraße 19/2
D-88048 Friedrichshafen (Eggenweiler)
Tel. (+49) (0)7546 918-998
E-mail: Hartmut (at) bielefeldt.de
WWW: http://www.Bielefeldt.de

What else I am doing

You find information about my work now on a separate page.


Nina, six days old Nina, six weeks old
our (hopefully) new little mountaineer since May 2009: Nina Rosa Bielefeldt
Now our mountains will become smaller, but that doesn't matter. We have seen so much of the world, now we will make a very small world bigger.
Claudia Claudia
Claudia on ski tour (Klipperen, Bregenzerwald)
in the office
in the office, (hopefully) at work
at home
at home, again working (probably homepage maintenance).
Cho Oyu
on expedition at Cho Oyu (Tibet)
ski tour
on ski tour. The bottle is an exception: We celebrate my first million. Unfortuately not of currency (otherwise the bottle would be bigger), but of height meters that I have done during the last about 20 years.
(The image was taken on Hüeneri (SG), Switzerland)
Mount Everest
together on the summit of Mount Everest, 17 May 2002.

The domain "www.bielefeldt.de" is my personal homesite. Information given here has no commercial purpose and is usually based on my personal experience or opinion.

Deutsche Version

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