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Legal Notice for www.bielefeldt.de

Acquisition and use of visitor data

The website www.bielefeldt.de is my personal homepage. I do not use it commercially, I do not collect any personal data, and I do not use cookies.
When using online maps which are included in some of my pages, data can be transmitted to Google Maps or Openstreetmap (this is a condition for the use of these maps). I have no influence on this particular data transmission.

Copyright notice about the contents of www.bielefeldt.de

The internet is - even if some people might not have noticed yet - not a space free of rights. Copyright regulations are effective in practically every civilized country. Therefore, there is no reason or right to include any texts or images of others into own presentations under the label "found in the internet" without complete information about the authorship of these parts.
Certainly, and fortunately, there is no general ban of any opinion in the internet. But that doesn't mean that anyone could claim rights going beyond the rights of other individuals present in the internet. Therefore, I explicitly inform about the copyright state of each of the about 170 single pages within my homepage. This is done in form of a list on this page, and on every single page in case any copyrighted information from outside was incorporated.
In case I might have missed a detail, I would be honestly grateful for an immediate correction by the potentially overriden author, e-mail see below. This homesite shall be clean and stay clean.


All texts within the domain www.bielefeldt.de are the intellectual property of the domain owner, Hartmut Bielefeldt, with the following exceptions:
  • possible exceptions only refer to the German language part (Alpine Club program).
  • - no exceptions yet -


All images on the account www.bielefeldt.de, i.e. all images incorporated into trip reports, as well as the large versions that are accessible from the reports, and the images presented in the image galleries, were produced by the domain owner, Hartmut Bielefeldt, with the following exceptions:
  • Image 667081 in the Cho Oyu 1999 trip report was taken by Michael Beuter, the image is used with his kind permission.
  • Image 667084 in the Cho Oyu 1999 trip report was taken by Eckhard Schmitt, the image is used with his kind permission.
  • Images 680072 and 680073 in the Ladakh 2018 trip report were taken by Henning Stabel, the image is used with his kind permission.
  • The pencil drawing of Minya Konka, in our 2001 preview, was made by Eduard Imhof. The picture is reproduced here with kind permission of the library of ETH Zürich.
The icons used for navigation within the pages are (as far as I could find out) not subject to any copyright. Correspondingly, the icons that were obviously constructed from images from the trips are, of course, free.
Apart from that, the general rule is: No text or image shall be re-distributed without an explicit permission of the author.
Even if you do not make any profit in forwarding information from these pages, please contact the author before you put any text excerpts or images on your own page or before you distribute these in any other way. This also includes slide shows or any other similar presentations. Thank you very much for your understanding.
A simple link to my homepage, of course, does not violate any copyright. I encourage you to put a link to my homepage if you feel you can recommend my site.


All links that are marked by external link are external links. I deny any responsibility for the detailed contents of any links which are explicitly marked as "external".

Compatibility, technical information

Valid CSS! Valid HTML 4.0! All pages on this website comply with the HTML 4.0 "Transitional" standard. They should display equally well in any browser. Best choice is, of course, a graphical internet browser like Netscape 6, Mozilla, Internet Explorer (4,5,6..), Netscape 4.7. For the functionality, JavaScript is not necessary. However, it is not a bad idea to leave JavaScript enabled - e.g. Netscape 4.7 can use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) only when JavaScript is activated. In this case, deactivating JavaScript results in a wrong display of colors and fonts.
JavaScript is also necessary to view the bigger version of the images (they will open in a new window of correct size).
Neither Java nor Flash are necessary any page on www.bielefeldt.de. Interactive functionality is realized on the server side by means of PHP.

Other domains in my responsibility

The owner of the domain www.bielefeldt.de, Hartmut Bielefeldt, is or was responsible as webmaster for the following websites:
  • www.bielefeldt.de This page
  • www.hoheberge.de Currently only an alias for www.bielefeldt.de
  • www.berg-und-ski.de Currently only an alias for www.bielefeldt.de
  • www.berge-der-welt.de Currently only an alias for www.bielefeldt.de
  • www.everest-2002.de Our Mount Everest project 2002
  • www.everest-2003.com The German-Swiss Mount Everest Anniversary Expedition 2003
  • www.physik.uni-augsburg.de/exp6 Experimentalphysik VI, Universitšt Augsburg (until February 2002)
  • www.physik.uni-augsburg.de/exp6/phishift PiShift Workshop, University of Augsburg (until February 2002)


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